A Dream Come True, Taj Mahal

One thing for sure, my good friends. We can still choose love instead of hate. And just like an anonymous internet saying, those who don't believe in magic will never find it. The monument of love, Taj Mahal. Now i know why people called it so, and i find this place indeed so fascinating and... yep, romantic.

We have been told that love is the foundation of why this monument was built in the first place, which I believe. And i presumed you guys already know the history, no? Everything about this trip has been eye-opening, apparently, and i had valued every bit of it.
 I took this photo right in front of the main gate, among bunch of tourists and photographers (i think they were professional ones) who also came in early morning. Words never enough to describe that moment. Hardly believe it, from an elementary school old book & posters I used to have and see, until i can finally capture it through my eyes and lenses. Forever grateful.

I've been admiring Taj Mahal since I was 10. Whenever I heard the names of world seven wonders (I guess this used to be a thing) in elementary school (i think the list is updated)-, this majestic mausoleum comes first in my mind. However, As I grow older, I just realized that seven are too few, because there's so many wanders in this world to get to know.)

This is the only thing that matters when I only had one day in Agra, Uttar Pradesh; witnessing a sunrise in Taj. No matter what because that would be one absolute best thing about visiting India. Hamdallah, It went super great! Enter the gate after subuh and got this view. I still remember the voice of morning that day. Very wonderful morning. Also, visiting taj mahal made me feel like i need to read more history books. Taj is also a heaven for photography enthusiast. You will make tons of beautiful pictures in every corner of this magical wander. By far, this is the most beautiful, peaceful and yet romantic sunrise moment I've ever seen. Regardless its popularity, this place is such a living paradise everyone must experience at least once in a lifetime.

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